Bespoke Items

So you have covered all the basics … in fact you have more than covered them, you have seriously knocked them out of the park!

But, and every business gets to this point, you have an idea that is itching away in the back of your head, a new promotion, product, display … and you have googled and googled and while you have seen elements of what you imagine, nothing quite hits the mark for you …… it’s soooo frustrating, if only!

Well give us a shout as we can seriously help you turn that ‘if only’ into ‘THAT’S IT!!!!’ in fact we have been helping our clients create ‘THAT’S IT!!!’ for years – it’s simply one of the best bits of our business …… that moment when we can see it turn from a pipe dream into a physical reality right in front of your eyes …. So dream those big dreams and then let us help you bring them into the world; it could be as small as a specific label you can’t find anywhere – and you have looked and looked, right up to making a bunch of stacked up containers spread over acres of space turn into a town, and everything in-between ….

Not sure whether we can print on it?

These days there is a vinyl for any application; painted walls, glass windows, plastic bike panels, wooden doors, even tarmac pavements. If you have a project and you’re just not sure, ask us and we’re sure to find a solution!

glass vinyl etching

Glass vinyl etching

We use a variety of different semi-opaque vinyls for window etching, but without doubt the most popular is our Crystal Etch.

Whether you’re just wanting to add some privacy to a room without restricting natural light, or wish to incorporate your logo into what you thought was an unusable space, etching allows you to do this without any long-term damge to the glass.

Layer it up, change the colour, print on it… The choice is yours!

printed wallpaper

PRinted wallpaper

From feature walls to whole rooms, we can transform your workspace or home with just a single image or pattern.

Our hard wearing, easy to fit wallpaper can be supplied in widths of upto 1200mm and comes pre-pasted for a smooth installation.

promotional items

Promotional items

Working with local acrylic maufacturers we’ve worked on many bespoke pieces.

floor stickers


If we have learnt anything from 2020 it’s that floorspace is a very effective and practical way to put your point across, be it social distancing or promotional offers.

You’re not just confined to a smooth polished floor either, we can supply for carpet and outdoor use, all non-slip meeting H&S regulations.

Online Store

Stickers for any occasion

It might be hundreds of fiddly stickers to brand your products, writable boiler stickers to remind your customers when their next service is due, or replicating a one off design from that vintage car.