Our Privacy Notice

In line with the current GDPR regulations Shropshire Design and Print Solutions holds and stores your personal data if you have provided that data to us. For the reasons of legitimate interests these details are retained for business transactions and marketing purposes only.

So, to make that legal speak a little clearer so you know what we actually keep and why, we store your name, company name, address, telephone number, mobile number and email address and we keep this in our database that is only here at our office … so no cloud stuff, no other sites, just here under lock and key.

We never store any banking or financial details in any database, and once we complete your order, any banking details or card details you gave us to pay for your bits are destroyed and got rid of safely and securely, but we do keep the little slip from the card machine but this doesn’t have any details that can identify your card to anyone …. Including us.

We promise we only ever use this info so we can do great business together, which includes:

  • Making sure we can quickly and easily provide you with what you want, when you want it, and based on the stuff we have done together before.
  • Every now and then, and when we get a minute, we like to send out the odd newsletter, or maybe info on any great promo’s we are thinking of doing, especially where it looks like it might be the sort of thing that might be right up your street,

And ……….. Well that’s it really; basically we just want to make dealing with us easy as possible, and make sure you don’t miss any deals you’d kick yourself over if you did!

So how do we get this info about you ……..

  • In a nutshell, from you! When you get in touch the first time we will take your details so we can make sure we can get in touch with you and get your order right first time
  • The only other time is at the odd show or event if you come over and have a chat and ask us to get in touch with you later.

So once you’ve given us this info we enter this into our industry standard CRM database and accounts system; these systems can only ever be accessed by a member of our team here, and only during working hours. And just to be absolutely clear our database access is fully password protected too.

And to be totally clear we promise that this info is only, and will only ever be used by Shropshire Design and Print Solutions and when it comes to your info we don’t share.

And just so you know at any time (and we mean anytime!!!) you can give us a shout to ask about anything, and to be clear this includes the following bits that you have a total right to:

  1. To ask us what personal information we have got – call or email and we will get the info to you as quick as we can.
  2. Tell us we need to update the info we have about you to ensure that it remains accurate and up to date …. Well we hope you will, as we would really like to be able to stay in touch.
  3. Let us know at any time if you don’t want us to use or keep your info – this won’t stop you coming to us for all your design & print needs, just let us know and we will make sure that all your enquiries and orders don’t use your info in any way …. We can do that so it’s not a problem so don’t hesitate to ask, just please remember that when you come back to us for more orders you will need to give us all the stuff again so we can get your order right
  4. And for whatever reasons you may have you can tell us to get rid of all the info and data about you that we have got, with a right to be forgotten ….. Now we may be a bit upset to see you go but we will get straight on it for you.

One thing we do have to mention though is the following couple of points that are to do with your rights above:

  1. We definitely have to be sure it’s you, so I.D. is a must for this as that’s the rules
  2. We are only a little business so sometimes we may take a little while to get things sorted for you, especially when we have some hol’s booked …. So if we can’t sort it straight away we will never take longer than 28 days …. Promise!
  3. There might be the odd occasion when the law says we can’t do everything you might want, in the rare occasion this might happen we will let you know as soon as we can

And to wrap this up we do keep a constant review of this info and if we find it needs a bit of a fettle to get it back up to date we will get the new version up on our website for you ….. If nothing else, that should give you a reason to pop back here to see if anything’s changed 🙂

Finally if you need to have a chat about this then get in touch anytime: or call us on 01691 676400.